ABC Training & Education

NC Alcoholic Beverage Control offers free training and education to encourage the safe sale of liquor within the state.

The Education and Training Division of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission conducts free “Responsible Alcohol Seller/Server Program” (RASP) training for both on-premise and off-premise business owners, managers, and employees. The training program lasts 2 hours and incorporates hands-on training using “fatal vision” goggles, video, and open discussion.

  • Signs of Intoxication
  • Methods of detecting intoxicated patrons
  • Amount of alcohol that may be purchased by patrons
  • Employee age requirements
  • Special requirements Mixed Beverage Permittee
  • Drink Specials
  • Recycle Regulations
  • Important Contacts

We’ve all heard the importance of “drinking responsibly,” but it’s not as common to hear an actual definition of what responsible alcohol use really is. So what does it mean to drink responsibly?

There are probably a lot of different answers to that question, but as it relates to binge drinking and the misuse of alcohol, one way is to consider the following responsible drinking guidelines, including the definition of a standard drink.

Keeping the standard drink definition in mind, it’s important to also think about responsible drinking guidelines. To do this, remember the “0-1-2” message.

You’re not 21

You’re driving or operating machinery

You’re breastfeeding, pregnant or planning to become pregnant

You’re in recovery

You’re taking medications

Up to 1 standard drink per day for women.

Up to 2 standard drinks per day for men.